Thursday, May 28, 2009

fimo cuma 1 cm ???

This is our innovation.

Daripada beli 5 cm fimo bar, kebanyakan kann.. Jadi, mening ambil yang 1 cm doang.
Bisa campur-campur model lagi.
Mau lebih jelas? click here

Tapi, gak bisa eceran, girls. 100 model/paket, cuma Rp.199.000, udah dapet semua model Fimo stock kita.Hot and NEW!!!

Fimo Mixed Design...Price
Fimo Smiley
Fimo Heart here
Fimo Fruit...Price
Fimo Flower SET-B
Fimo Flower SET-B
Fimo Butterfly

Fimo Beijing Mask

Fimo 98 model--->Rp.800.000---->Super Promo : Rp.498.000 (sampai 7 Juni 2009 saja!!)

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