Thursday, April 2, 2009

Paket lengkap in jar, 1 jar isi 100 pcs,total 144 jar,14.400 pcs,Rp.331.200, hanya ada 3 set!!

Rhinestone, Not 15 styles.
We can supply 10 styles only.

RS-01, Boat Rhinestone
RS-02, round rhinestone, diameter 1,5-2 mm...SOLD OUT
RS-03, flower not available!
RS-04,round rhinestone, diameter 3-3,5 mm, bigger than Z-02....SOLD OUT

RS-05, Heart Rhinestone
RS-06 Rectangle Rhinestone
RS-07, Triangle Rhinestone
RS-08, Moon Rhinestone
RS-09, Blossom Rhinestone
RS-10, Tear Rhinestone
RS-11, butterfly rhinestone, not available!
RS-12, round rhinestone, not available!
RS-13, Square Rhinestone
RS-14, Star Rhinestone......Black Colour SOLD OUT!
RS-15, Comma Rhinestone

All styles have 12 colours : Red,White/silver, Skyblue,Pink, Green, Brown, Purple, Golden, Darkgreen, Darkblue, Rose,Lilac

Click on the picture to see it bigger.

Price :
A. In Plastic Bag, Rp. 5000, contain +/- 100 pcs
B. In Love Box, Rp. 19.000, contain 9 storage, +/-225 pcs
C. In wheel Box, Rp. 25.000, contain 12 storage, +/- 300 pcs
D. In Storage 2x6, Rp.48.000 , contain 12 storages, +/- 1200 pcs
E.Paket Lengkap,10 styles, semua warna,kecuali BLack Star Habis (diganti warna lain). Rp. 249.000, +/- 12.000pcs

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